Admissions SY 2014-2015

Student Admission for SY 2014-2015 is ongoing. Please proceed to SSA Room 201 or call up the REGISTRAR'S OFFICE or GUIDANCE OFFICE for admission details at 417.8565 locals 104-106. You may also click our admissions button to view the general procedure and requirements.

Trial Classes for Preschool Students

Those who are interested to bring their kids to the School of Saint Anthony for Preschool may avail of free trial classes. For inquiries, please see the Preschool Academic Coordinator, Miss Chat Dangtayan or Level Leader, Miss Jett Sunglao.

Partial and Full Scholarships

Partial and Full scholarship grants are available to top students coming from public elementary schools who are entering Grade 7.  To inquire further, do get in touch with Dr. Ava Semorlan, SICAP (Socio-Civic Action Program) Coordinator or Mrs. Lott Quetulio, Registrar.    

SSA Shout Out

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