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The Preschool Department offers Nursery, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 Classes. Here, teachers fully understand the importance of holistic and play-centered education as they are highly trained in the area of Child Development and are consistently attending training programs and workshops on different teaching approaches for preschoolers.

The Preschool Program of SSA focuses on the nature and needs of the learners as well as their society and culture. Hence, it offers great, exciting and multi-sensory experiences that will help develop their skills, ideas and attitudes which are essential in dealing with life situations.

The program commits to offer a thematic approach to learning, integrating the curriculum through varied interests to promote language and literacy, critical thinking and problem solving.

Activities done using the Thematic Approach

  • Free Play - Children are given fifteen minutes to do an activity of their choice.
  • Meeting Time - This includes the singing of the days of the week and the discussion of the weather for the day. Other songs are also taught for easy retention of days and months.
  • Circle Time - In conjunction with the themes being studied, the children engage in various approaches to enhance learning. These include working in groups, doing action songs, poems and rhymes.
  • Learning Centers - This is where the theme for the day is capitalized and integrated in the teaching of the different subject areas.
  • Snack Time - The children are trained to set their own meals, wash their own hands, brush their teeth and do their personal grooming.
  • Dramatic Play - This is where the children experience daily story telling, individual or group reading activity, listening to records or tapes, and watching movies in line with the theme. Here the students learn language skills, gain appreciation for books, build vocabulary and develop listening skills.
  • Nap/Quieting Time - Here, the children are given the chance to rest, to take a nap or to do some quieting activities like silent book reading.